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Corona Virus (COVID-19) Statement

Corona Virus (COVID-19) Statement

The Corona virus situation continues to make for worrying and uncertain times for everyone.

Seetru continue to work to ensure the well-being of our people and their families, our customers and our suppliers.

Our factory and offices have remained fully operational throughout the COVID-19 crisis and we do not anticipate any interruptions to our operations or supply to our customers.

The Seetru Gold team continue to be fully deployed to monitor the position in the UK and globally so as to manage our business’s responses and contingency planning.

We are maintaining dynamic risk analysis and contingency plans.

COVID Secure

In protecting our people we are operating strictly to UK Government guidelines. We are dynamically managing work-at-home policies balanced with protecting full operations across all aspects of our business including distancing and hygiene procedures.

Seetru’s operations are fully risk assessed with extensive risk mitigation measures in place to ensure COVID safe operations for all our people.

Supply Chain

Seetru operates a strategic supplier concept that strives to maintain multiple sources of purchased items, our purchasing policy is wherever feasible: -

  • Critical components which are bespoke are either manufactured in-house, or where this is not possible multiple suppliers in different countries.
  • Non-critical components are those that are commonly available commercially worldwide on short lead times.

    We are working in close communication with our supply chain and have been operating an enhanced stocking policy since the second week in February. At present our analysis of the potential impact of the Corona virus on our delivery to our customers of our finished goods in the short to medium term is zero. Both short-term and medium-term material demand forecasts for the above mentioned critical components are fully covered. Similarly, there is no shortage of standard off-the-self type non-critical components and raw materials in the marketplace.

    Engineering Services

    Our Engineering Services continue in full operation. In regard to on-site work, we are, in all cases, working with site clients to operate risk checks and mitigation procedures. Where appropriate, we can operate in isolation entirely from our mobile workshops on-site or close-to site, also we undertake our test and overhaul services in our own workshops and this too may offer convenient alternative to site visits where appropriate.

    Updated: 04/11/2020
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